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got paper?
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get all your dealership paperwork
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Seize Control and Gain these Benefits:
  • increased productivity & security
  • enhanced customer service
  • additional space
  • reduce labor time and costs
  • and more... 
What single solution could provide you with all these time saving, cost reducing, improved customer service benefits and more?
  – a document management system by Strategic Business Systems.
Our solution will process all of your paper documents electronically. From capturing your data, to indexing and archiving, to rapid search and retrievals, Strategic's E-Docs will centrally organize all of your dealership paperwork.
Gain control and substantially reduce your time, space, security, and labor costs.
Your staff will instantly access a customer's automotive history, sales invoices, warranty records, or all ­ just by typing a few keywords into their computer.
Whether you have one location or several, Strategic can demonstrate how our solution will make your business more efficient, less costly and provide for optimum customer satisfaction.
Are you wasting valuable real estate trying to store an increasing supply of paper documents? You can reclaim that space for more profitable operations.
Do your customers wait for your staff to search endless files and archives to answer their requests? With Strategic's solution, you can instantly access and produce documents to your customers' delight.
Reduce your labor costs and redeploy your personnel to handle your main activities. Best of all, you are purchasing this solution, not renting it – there are no monthly fees or per page costs to budget.
Take control over all your automotive paperwork with E­Docs for the automotive industry. Contact Strategic at:
17 South Franklin Turnpike
Ramsey, NJ 07446
1 (201) 327–9400
E-Docs for Dealerships

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